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How To Create A Teacher Resume

It’s time for you to start applying for a teaching position. But first, you need a resume. 

Creating a good and noticeable teacher resume is crucial because it is the first impression that a school is going to get of you. The clearer and to the point your resume is the better chances you have of obtaining a teaching position.

But, How Do you write a teacher resume?

We have created a guide to help you create a noticeable resume and get you started on making a good first impression. Follow the teacher resume tips to get started on creating your own teacher resume.

Rules Of A Good Resume

1. Make sure Your Resume looks professional

There is nothing worse than a potential candidate submitting their resume for a job and it looks tacky and unprofessional. Make sure that it is clean looking and formatted correctly.

2. Include A Cover letter

A teacher cover letter is critical to your good impression. You will want to make sure it is well written, to the point, and explains how you are going to be a good asset to the school.

3. Make sure your email is professional

You will want to submit an email address that is professional sounding and uses some aspects of your name in it. You do not want an email that says hotmama3@gmail.com. A good example of a professional email would be: john.smith@gmail.com

4. Make sure you correct all grammar and spelling mistakes

This should go without saying. If you are not confident in your proofreading skills, then have someone else go over your resume and double check it for you.

5. Emphasize your awards/ certifications

Awards are a big deal. They show that you have done good work and gives you a one up on your competition. Make sure that they are noticeable on your resume.

6. Everything Points To The Teaching Position you are applying to

You do not want to put anything on your resume that isn’t going to help you get the position you are applying for. You want to put information on there that gives the person reviewing your resume an understanding of why you want the job and why you are the best candidate.

7. Make sure your resume is one page

If a principal only has a few seconds to review your resume, then you are going to want to make a lasting first impression. Don’t make them spend time flipping through all the pages of your resume to get your point across.

Choosing A Template

Choosing a teacher resume template for your resume/ cover letter is a crucial part of creating your resume. You will want to choose a template that is clean and looks professional. We have provided several different cover letter and resume templates that you can download for free.

Cover Letter Templates

Here there are three different resume templates that are available for you to download. They are Microsoft Office free templates, we have just modified them slightly to help you get started. Just click download below the cover letter template to get your free copy.

Resume Templates

We have provided you with three different resume template packs that you can choose from. Inside the resume packs are a number of different resumes that you can create.

Just click the resume style button at the bottom and you can download the zip file to get access to your different resume templates.

Classic Resume Pack

Modern Resume Template Pack

Elegant Resume Template Pack

Microsoft Word Templates

These are resume templates that are made in Microsoft Word. You can choose which template best suits you and click download to start your resume.

Writing Your Resume

Your resume is your first chance to make a good first impression! If you want to leave a lasting impression that will help you land the teaching position you are looking for then you will want to put time and effort into your resume. A resume typically includes a cover letter, an objective statement, education, work experience, and credentials. You will want to make sure that your contact information, as well as your personal information, are at the top of your resume. List your first and last name, email address, and phone number.

Objective Statement

This section is the introduction to your resume. You will want to make your statement clear and to the point. A good example of a teacher resume objective statement is: “Obtain a special education teaching position where I can use my experience to help make a child’s education a positive experience.” You don’t want your objective statement to be long and complicated. Keep it simple and concise.

Qualification Section

Your teacher qualifications should be the section at the beginning of your resume to indicate that you are enrolled in a certification program and are eligible to teach in Texas. You will list the different subjects that you are eligible to teach based on the tests and courses you are taking. For example:


Eligible to teach Core Subjects 4-8 / ESL under the ECAP teacher certification program
Passed the Core Subjects 4-8 TExES exam
Passed the ESL Supplemental TExES exam

Education Section

Where you went to school isn’t the be all and end all but it does matter. In the education section of your resume, you will want to list the most recent and relevant schools/ certifications. You will want to include your undergraduate, certification programs, and any other pertinent education experiences. This section should be simple and short. It will look something like this:

BA- Child Development- Texas A&U Dallas, Tx 2012-2016

Teacher Certification- ECAP- Richland Hills, Tx 2017

Experience Section

This section is one of the most important parts of your resume. This is where you get to show your future employer your experience in the field you are applying for and the skills you have learned from other jobs that you can bring to the table.

If you do not have experience in the teaching position that you are applying for then don’t panic, that is not all that employers are looking for. Prospective employers are looking for long-term tenure and stability in your jobs, so include the jobs that are going to show you in that light.

If you are listing jobs that have nothing to do with teaching, then you are going to want to relate those job duties to the position you are applying for. Look at the skills that you had used at your previous job and relate them to what teachers must do on a daily basis. By doing this, you are showing a potential employer that although you do not have experience in that exact field, you have experience using the same skills that a teacher does.

When listing your work experience you will want to list them in order of date employed.

Credentials Section

This is where you get to show off all your certifications, awards, skills and specialties. Show your potential employer just how special you are! You will only want to post credentials that are relevant to teaching. If you are working towards a certification then you still want to list it. Make sure that you attach proof of all certifications and awards to your resume.

Resume Checklist

  • Choose a resume template
  • Create Cover letter and resume
  • Check for grammar and spelling errors
  • Make sure that your objective is clear and to the point
  • Have a professional email address
  • Awards and certifications are noticeable
  • Is your resume answering why a school should hire you
  • Resume is one page in length
  • Avoid using the word”I”
  • Is it easy for potential employers to read. (Font is big enough and is in a clear font)
  • Do you have information for all the critical sections of a resume
  • Is your contact information clear and noticeable on the resume

Interview Tips

It is now time to go to your interview. But, how do you ensure that you are the candidate they will choose for the job?

When it comes to interviews you want to set yourself apart from the others. Here are some tips to nail your interview.

Read The Classroom Management Book

There are several books on the market that can educate you about classroom management. Just search Amazon, for example, and you will find several options. Click here to see Amazon’s offerings.

ECAP sends you a classroom management book for free when you are accepted into their program. Check other teacher certification programs for their rules.

You will want to learn the theories well and not try to memorize the right answer. There are many ways to answer a question and you will want to answer based on your knowledge, not from what you have memorized. Going off your memorization can often lead to problems. If you do not know about classroom management don’t worry, when you are accepted to ECAP’s program we will send you your own copy.

Review Tips On Best Answers To Interview Questions

When it comes to answering interview questions there is a wrong and right way to answer them. There are some things you will want to do when answering interview questions:

  • Be Personal
  • Match Your Qualifications To The Job
  • Provide Examples
  • Research the School
  • Be Prepared For a Panel Interview

If you need help answering interview questions, we have put together an article on “How To Answer The Toughest Interview Questions For Teachers”

Avoid Using The Words “Um” and “Like”

Using the words “um” and “like” tend to come across unprofessional. In order to avoid using these filler words, practice answering different interview questions so you don’t feel the needs to use these words.

Make sure you are prepared

You will want to make sure that you have everything that the interviewer is going to want from you. This could include your resume and a copy of your certification. You also want to make sure that you are prepared to answer any of the questions that an interviewer may ask you. Go over different interview questions that you may be asked.

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