ECAP's Teacher Certification Pricing

Our Interns have more important things to think about, so we defer over 94% of fees until you start teaching. And all of our fees are split up into very manageable monthly payments.

Our Pricing

ECAP’s Simple Pricing Structure.




*Free to apply


Includes sending transcripts and completing an online interview


Training Fee


* 2 installments


The training fee covers all remaining training that will be provided during the program tenure.  Paid in monthly installments of $200 per month over 2 months.


Internship Program Fee


*10 monthly payments after you are hired


You do not pay this fee until you are employed as a teacher. It is then payable in monthly installments of $390 per month over 10 months.

What You Recieve When You Enroll In ECAP

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What Is Included

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What To Budget For

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Your ECAP Advisor

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What Is Included

All teachers receive the following additional training:

Teaching to Your Strengths
Legal Issues
Surviving the First Year
Lesson Planning Practicum
Using Technology in the Classroom (2 courses)
Pedagogical Theory
PPR Exam Review

Bilingual teachers receive the following additional training:

Reading and Lesson Planning for Bilingual Teachers
Math and Science for Elementary Teachers
Elementary teachers receive:
Reading and Lesson Planning for Elementary Teachers
Math and Science for Elementary Teachers

Special Education teachers receive the following additional training:

Introduction to Special Education
Reading for Special Ed Teachers
Behavior Management for Special Ed Teachers
ARD and IEP Training for Special Ed Teachers

Secondary teachers receive the following additional training:

Teaming and Communication in the classroom
Teaching in Urban Schools
Reading in the Content
Critical Thinking in the Classroom

And the good news about the training fee is that if you have to repeat a course or put the program on pause for any reason, this fee will never be re-assessed. Unlike other programs, at ECAP you only pay your training fee once.

What To Budget For

There will be various additional costs outside of the ECAP's program. (Prices are subject to change, this is just an approximation)

Certification fees:

  • Texas Education Agency Technology Fee | $35
  • Background Check | $52.20
  • Intern Certificate | $78
  • Standard Certificate | $78

Exam fees:

  • Certification Exam | $116+
  • Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) Exam | $116
  • Science of Teaching Reading Exam* | $136
  • PACT Exams* | $106

*Some exams are not required for all candidates.

Your ECAP Advisor

When you receive your first job as a teacher of record, ECAP assigns an advisor to you. You will have access to your advisor throughout the year as you need them, and the advisor will visit your classroom periodically to make sure that you are being successful.

Your advisor’s primary mission is to make you a successful teacher. Our advisors’ resumes speak for themselves. Most of them are retired school administrators who were hand-picked by ECAP. The quality of our advisors is the primary difference between ECAP and our competitors. Also included in this fee is the documenting of your qualification and recommending of certificates as needed during the program.

ECAP is always communicating with partnering school districts and with the Texas Education Agency on behalf of our interns to make sure that you remain in compliance with state and local rules.



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Can not say enough good thing s about ECAP and the program they offer and the incredibly helpful people that work for them. I started the program during Covid when everything was shut down and they communicated in a timely manner and were still available to answer all my questions and concerns. I finished the program within my first year of teaching passing all of my state tests on the first try. The resources and help ECAP provided were a big part of me being able to accomplish that. The field advisor was so nice and supportive during my classroom visits and encouraged me throughout the year.

Amber Flores

From the get go, everyone has been helpful. They answered all my questions and more importantly have always been there to walk me through each and every step. When I signed up, they were quick to review my transcript and get me working ASAP, which I appreciated. Thank you ECAP!

Dacia Back

ECAP takes all the mystery and agony out of quickly getting hired as a full-time classroom teacher in Texas.

Unlike all the other Texas teachers’ certification vendors that I contacted, ECAP Teach responded promptly to my initial inquiry, then spent plenty of time with me to professionally answer all of my (many!) questions about how to get certified to teach -- as a guy who had never actually majored in teaching at college.

Joe Wilson

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Fast Can You Get A Texas Teaching Certificate?
    To teach in the state of Texas, the certification process can take 4 to 6 months if you have a bachelor's degree. If you do not have a bachelor's degree, your work experience may still qualify you for an educator preparation program in which your timeline to certification would remain the same.
    Can I Teach In Texas Without A Certification?
    "Since 1995, Texas law has allowed school districts to issue a school district teaching permit (SDTP) to someone who does not hold a teaching certificate (Texas Education Code §21.055). A teacher employed on a school district teaching permit is not certified by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC)." TEA
    What Is The Starting Salary For Teachers In Texas?
    Currently, the average teaching salary in Texas is $57,641

    You can read more about how much teachers get paid by clicking here.


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