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Become a Texas Teacher with a Degree


You have a 4-year college degree with a GPA of 2.6 or higher

Become a Texas Teacher without a Degree

No Degree

You don't have a college degree, but you have 3+ years of experience in a particular field

Did You Know?

Almost 50% of all new teachers to the Texas education system come from Alternative education programs.
  • 49% off all new teachers are prepared through alternative programs
  • 34% are prepared through undergraduate programs, typically for elementary teacher positions
  • 13% come from out-of-state programs
  • 4% from post baccalaureate programs

Alternative Educator Preparation Programs certify the most new teachers.


Sources: TEA statistics 2014-2015

Simple Process To Certification

We break your path to certification down into 3 simple steps and make sure you have all the information you need to determine the right path for you.

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What are the Benefits of Becoming a Teacher?

It's not just about summers off. We have found that in becoming a teacher, more meaningful aspects of the job are more important.

  • Making a difference
  • More time with family
  • Quality of life
  • Job stability

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How To Become A Teacher In Texas

Usually the answer is, “Not really.” There is good reason for it. The certification process can be confusing and frustrating. Well, no longer! Inside our FREE CHECKLIST you will learn:

  • How do I apply to an accredited program?
  • How much does the TExES test cost?
  • When does your training start?
  • When can you start teaching?

And a lot more!

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ECAP is an outstanding program. They will work very closely with you during your alternate certification process. I left another program for ECAP because they were so much more personal. Anything I didn't understand or needed help with I could call and they would help immediately. I highly recommend ECAP to everyone.

Micahel Z.

The materials they provide you with are resourceful and help you be successful throughout your first year of teaching. I felt prepared and supported before taking my exams. I learned so much and I loved the ease of the program.

Thank you, ECAP!

Sarah B.

Excellent organization; very attentive to the needs of the teacher interns. Works diligently to prepare and assist teachers throughout the certification process. Some former interns have gone on to become "teacher of the year, instructional specialists, administrators, etc."

Antonio G.

My son received his teacher certification through ECAP and is very appreciative of the support he got from the staff. He was named "Teacher of the Year" and is now an assistant principal. ECAP is an outstanding organization!

Diane A.

ECAP goes above and beyond to help people enter the teaching profession.  They are former teachers and administrators that understand the classroom. I highly recommend ECAP because they are the first and most experienced in alternative teaching certification.

Timothy K.

Awesome program, they gave me the tools I needed to be successful in the classroom from Day 1. I could not have asked for a better program from the core staff to my adviser. The program was seamless and incredibly efficient. I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to teach.

Jane L.

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