Teacher Training

Training and Support - When and Where you need it

Each participant must pass all required content and pedagogy exams in order to be eligible for a standard certificate.

Content Exams

Your required content exams depend upon your specific teaching assignment. ECAP will let you know which content exams are required at the appropriate time. If you would like to discuss your specific situation now, feel free to call us at 817-284-7731.

Pedagogy (PPR) Exams

ECAP will begin your PPR exam preparation once you are in the classroom. The PPR exam is the same across all common core subjects, so we do prepare our interns as a group through on-line and face to face training.

Career and Tech

Career and Technology teachers' testing requirements are often very different from the norm. In many cases the only test that is required is the PPR. Please give us a call to discuss your situation if you plan to teach in a career and technology (aka trades and industry) field. We believe that training and support should be the foundation of any certification program. See our Training Calendar and Curriculum for more information subject and area specific training - not "one size fits all".

  • Expert trainers who have a background in education.
  • Training that prepares you before you enter the classroom.
  • Expert advisors with a proven background in school administration.
  • Unlimited access to your advisor.


Training curriculum by area of certification.

Each participant must complete a minimum of 300 clock hours of training in order to be eligible for a standard certificate.


ECAP Academy is the core of our training. We hold Academy for three weeks during the summer each year. When our interns enter the classroom for the first time, training will still be fresh in their minds. Academy represents approximately 160 clock hours and covers a wide range of subjects that you'll need to understand during your first year in the classroom.

Training Calendar

Dates for summer academy, ongoing training and PPR reviews

Practicum Level

Much of our training requires actually classroom experience. When you start with ECAP, you will be asked to complete training in conjunction with observing experienced teachers in the classroom. Later, you will be asked to complete training that addresses your own classroom performance in the areas of classroom management, effective lesson planning, student assessment and technology.

Register and pay for training

Pay online or mail your payment. Follow the link above instructions.

Distance Learning

If you live more than 75 miles from the DFW metroplex, you can satisfy all of your training requirements through distance learning. Call ECAP at 817-284-7731 for details.