Three questions to ask any program...

Is your program managed and staffed by educators and administrators?

ECAP is owned and operated by a former teacher and the former Director of one of the first three alternative certification programs in Texas. All of our program directors have taught and have experience in educational administration. All of our consultants have taught in public schools and have managerial experience. ECAP´s trainers and advisors were each hand-picked and have an impressive resume in education and/or educational administration.

The result is a program that understands and prepares you for the difficulties a first year teacher faces.

Can you give me three references for your program from public school administrators? (The people who make hiring decisions)

Just click on our testimonial page for our references! And we have more if you need them!

Is there any evidence that your program´s training and support promotes a new teacher´s success in the classroom?

We have several district teachers of the year that evidence the effectiveness of our training. And now those same successful teachers are passing on the tradition. Many of them are current ECAP trainers.

Still not sure?

Call your top three preferred districts and get their opinion