About ECAP

Our Staff (Contact Info)

Our professional staff come from the classroom and school administration. They've been in your shoes and know what lies ahead as you prepare for your own classroom.

Our Leadership and History

ECAP blazed the trail for privately owned alternative teacher certification programs in Texas, allowing new teachers to enter the profession without the traditional bureaucracy.

The Education Career Alternatives Program (ECAP) has been training new teachers and guiding them through the teacher certification process since 2001. Our director, Sharon Fikes, created ECAP after 11 years as the director of Alternative Certification at the Education Service Center, Region XI.

At ESC, Region XI Sharon opened one of the first state-based alternative certification programs in Texas. Although ECAP has the distinction of being the first privately owned teacher certification program in Texas the experience and success of our Director is truly our greatest asset.

As a result, we have a teacher training program that is highly preferred by the school districts we serve and a depth of knowledge of the teacher certification process that is not available anywhere but ECAP.